Many people think that going to the dentist isn't necessary. Others associate pain with Morrin Dental clinic. But here's the truth: technology has ensured patients that every procedure is nearly pain-free and routine visits are a must if you want a healthy mouth. If you are looking for a procedure like teeth whitening newcastle, this article may help you answer some questions.

Is it a painful treatment?

It's not painful, but you may have a little tooth sensitivity. However, this feeling will disappear within 72 hours after treatment. Those three days are very important to the final result, so in those 72 hours you must take special care with hygiene. Your dentist may recommend you follow a "white" diet, that is, to avoid the foods that cause staining. In addition, avoid tobacco use, for people who smoke, are much more likely to see their teeth darken. Nicotine causes teeth to stain and, for this reason, many people who want cosmetic dentistry newcastle choose this procedure.

Are there any contraindications?

If you have a healthy mouth, meaning without decay and tooth sensitivity, this treatment is for you. Best results are obtained in teeth that, over the years, have yellowed or lost their natural tone. The most intense staining (orange or gray tones) can be repaired, although it depends on the tone. This must be reviewed by a specialist because, in the most severe cases, satisfactory results are not always achieved. Stains caused by tetracycline, an antibiotic drug that gives teeth a grayish tone, cannot be bleached effectively. In that case, you would have to resort to other options, like veneers or crowns. Moreover, the effect of tooth whitening lasts at least one year but depends mainly on two fundamental factors: the techniques and products used by the dentist, and the eating habits of each person.

Other things to keep in mind.

The most common people that have their teeth whitened are between 30 and 40 years old and most are women, but the figure has been evening out over the past few years. What foods can negatively influence the color of your teeth? Red wine, tea, coffee, carbonated beverages, tomato, curry, strawberry, raspberry and, of course, tobacco. Does tooth whitening teeth replace cleaning? One of the myths surrounding teeth whitening is that you can associate and even replace routine dental cleaning. This is a huge mistake.

Whitening is a cosmetic technique and in no case can it replace routine checkups and cleanings. Cleaning removes bacteria, strengthens the enamel and protects teeth while whitening just brightens the teeth. There are many cosmetic dentistry centers, like Morrin Dental, where you can request information and get a tooth whitening treatment.