Getting a tattoo may have seemed like a good idea at first, but now you are regretting it. Whether you did not get the results you wanted, ended the relationship or need your tattoo removed for your professional life, there are options available. To remove tattoos, laser therapy is the best option. The laser can go deep into your skin layers and remove all of the unwanted ink. If you want to learn more about the tattoo removal process, read on, so you will know what to expect from this treatment.

Since all tattoos are different and contain different types of ink, each tattoo must be addressed in a different manner. Black ink responds the best to laser therapy and is the easiest removed, so this is often targeted first. Other colors will need different types of lasers, so they can be effectively removed.

When you have your treatment, you will first wear a special pair of protective eyewear. Most laser clinics will coat the skin with a numbing cream, to help control the discomfort. Even without numbing cream, the pain level is very low. Most people describe this pain as being splattered with hot grease for a moment, being pinched or being popped with a rubber band.

Most people need at least three to five treatments, to have their tattoo successfully removed. Larger tattoos may require ten or more visits. Each time you have a treatment carried out, your tattoo will fade more and more. As the laser beams break up the ink in your skin, the tattoo becomes less noticeable.

Laser therapy is the most effective method of removing tattoos, without leaving behind massive scarring. It is important you consult with a laser therapy professional, before you decide on the clinic. They should be able to tell you what you can expect and how many treatments you require, so you can have the tattoo completely removed.

No matter your reasons for wanting a tattoo removed, laser therapy is your best option. Call your local clinic today and schedule an appointment for a consultation, so you can learn how this treatment can effectively remove your tattoos.