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An Honest Review on the 'Tao of Badass'

Any guide on how to pick up and attract women is usually quite controversial. While most of the girls tell guys to "be real" and do not pretend to be someone else, general dating guides teach a person how he can step out of his comfort zone and be entirely another person who attracts and seduces women.

Up to now, no other dating guide created an impact comparable to Tao of Badass. This informative guide is currently read by men all over the world who want to discover the truth behind attracting girls. It's one of the best guides on the subject that has helped thousands of people around the world.


Dispelling Common Myths

You might believe a lot of things about "picking up women" that's simply are not true but has been perpetuated through the years despite the fact. Some common myths that you'll hear include:

  1. You need to be really good looking to get women to love you.
  2. You must be super smooth or women won't be impressed.
  3. In case you do not have a lot of money, you will never end up with a beautiful girl.
  4. Women only like guys who're arrogant and treat them badly.
  5. Attracting girls isn't something that can be learned.

As you will learn in Tao of Badass, none of those things are true, and accepting them as true will only make sure that you will fail.

Through the program, you will learn what women really consider when searching for men and it isn't the superficiality mentioned above. You'll know about how to walk up to a woman you haven't met, strike up a conversation and demonstrate to her that you're a guy she was looking for.

What This Guide Has to Offer?

The book is full of invaluable ideas to transform you from a dud to stud. A few of the highlights include:

  • How to approach women without using any pickup lines?
  • Using body language and positioning to your benefit?
  • What are the qualities that actually attract women?
  • How you can keep a girl interested after the first date?

Some of the Advantages

Just like any good review, let's highlight both advantages and disadvantages of this guide from a neutral perspective.

Information is easy to follow and apply
Most programs present information in an exceedingly disorganized way. With this system, however this certainly isn't the case. The information is presented both in PDF and video format, that makes it easier to understand compared to 100 sheets of plain, boring text. Even though the book is long, it's written in a way that flows and keeps readers engaged.
Content is explained in an exceedingly simple and direct way. The videos would be the perfect complement for those who might would rather sit back and relax rather than reading a lot of words.


Unlimited Support / Extras

By buying this program you get full access to coaching with several PUA experts and other additional material on how to attract girls. You will also learn the way you can use to develop your credibility and game plan.

Bonus Material

They have included bonuses that make the program even more valuable. These bonuses are legit and cover a wide range of topics that aren't even mentioned in the main manual.

Reading a woman's body language

Most guys are pretty bad to get through a woman's body language, and it is a huge problem, especially when you first meet somebody new to you. Tao of Badass will teach you the methods that you can use to predict the subtle signs revealed through body gestures. You will also learn how you can make adjustments in your nonverbal communication to attract a woman.

Building Confidence

Ultimately, trust is the most important factor in attracting women. With the new skills you get from reading Tao of Badass you'll develop new levels of confidence you won't ever thought you might have. This is the real game changer and can completely transform the results you receive when putting your game to the test. Knowledge is power, and also the amount of information in this guide is incredible. I recommend it to all guys who would want to start landing the kind of dates they always wanted


The price of this program is something that many individuals are skeptical at first, but believe me it is really worth that price. With additional videos, guides and training, this program is definitely worth the money they charge when compared with other products out there. Of course, it would have been better if the product was priced lower, however with the current market competition; the product is offered at a reasonable price. You really do not have anything to lose as this system has a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.


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