Since the appearance of the first sildenafil citrate-based pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction nearly twenty years ago, men who suffer from that difficulty have enjoyed greater relief from it than was ever possible before. By providing very specific inhibition of a particular enzyme within the body, those drugs allow for higher levels of nitric oxide to form in the bloodstream, a necessary precursor to the male sexual reaction that is generally inadequate in those who are diagnosed with E.D. Since then, a variety of other, similar drugs have also appeared on the market, many of them offering some appealing characteristics compared to that first wave of treatments. Even better, many of these are now available in very economical generic forms, making them affordable to even those who lack insurance coverage for such purchases.

One known as tadacip tadalafil, for example, provides a number of advantages compared to the original generation of medications based on sildenafil citrate. The active ingredient within, a compound known as tadalafil, has a very similar action to that substance, but is metabolized much more slowly by the body. This means that the original dosage of the drug remains at levels providing potency for as long as forty hours, a much longer span of time than with sildenafil citrate, which typically disappears from the bloodstream within six hours or less.

That fact can make Tadacip especially useful to men who find usage of medications based on sildenafil citrate inconvenient. Being able to take a dose of tadacip many hours before a romantic encounter might happen allows men to be much more effective in their usage of the medication, and such events are far less likely to interfere with other obligations.

The drug has other interesting properties, too. In addition to fighting against the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it has increasingly been prescribed for those who suffer from enlarged prostates. The same enzyme-inhibiting action that makes the drug so effective for treating erectile dysfunction, it turns out, allows it to reduce swelling in various smooth tissues throughout the same area of the body.

As described at, that means that many men who might have difficulty urinating or other symptoms relating to enlarged, swollen prostate glands can often experience real, sustained relief through the usage of relatively small dosages of the drug. Of course, for health reasons, men who do have such issues should check with their doctors before beginning any regular program of usage.