When you look in the mirror, you do sometimes wonder who is staring back at you? As you age, the shape and look of your face starts to change. You lose some of the fat in your face that makes your face look full and youthful. Gravity starts to work its magic, and lines start to show up on your face. The good news is, you do not have to settle for looking at that old face in the mirror. With the right facial plastic surgery, you can restore that youthful look to your face again.

One way to make your face look full again is by using the Modern Plastic Surgery technique of fat transferring. Fat transferring is when you take excess fat from one part of your body, such as your stomach or thighs, and inject that fat into another place on your body. One of the most common places to inject fat is into your face, which often loses fat over time, causing your face to look older. Transferring fat can help your face look smooth and full once again. This technique works well because it uses your own body fat.

Another way to improve your appearance is through liposuction to your neck area or a neck lift. The skin around your neck is very delicate. It often droops and looks old before the rest of your face does. You can have excess fat removed from your neck with liposuction. You can also have a neck lift, where the skin is lifted and tightened around your neck.

If you feel like your whole face needs a little help, you can have a face lift. When you undergo a face lift, a plastic surgeon will re-position your face tissues. They will re-position the tissues in a way that reduces wrinkles and sagging. After your procedure, you will look like a younger version of yourself.

Many other plastic surgery options can help you look younger. In order to determine what procedures will help you achieve your goals, make sure you set up a consultation with Dr. David Halpern. He is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the Tampa area. He is triple board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery and micro-hand surgery. With so much experience, you can trust Dr. Halpern to guide you towards the right procedures. You can visit his office at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc., or learn more about facial plastic surgery by visiting his website at DavidHalpernMD.com.