Over the past five years or so, it seems like a revolution has taken over the health industry. The so called "green drink craze" is in full effect right now and health companies are making in millions from green drink products. Chances are you've already seen green drink brands. Total Living Greens, Shakeology, and Organifi are a few brand names that come to mind.

Green drinks are touted as the next big thing for health and wellness, but the question is - do they really have any benefits? If so, what are they? Let's find out:

#1 - Green drinks are an excellent source of nutrition

Green drinks that actually rely on a bevy of fruits, vegetables, and grasses are known to be powerhouses of nutrition. Seriously, there's just about every vitamin and mineral in fruits and vegetables, so finding a greek drink recipe with 8-10 ingredients can supply your body with a healthy dose of nutrients.

#2 - Green drinks improve digestion

Many green drinks are made with digestive enzymes that promote healthy digestion and settle the stomach. If you're someone who struggles with stomach issues on a frequent issue, then a green drink can help control your issues. Constipation, acid reflux, stomach aches, and bloating are all issues that can be eliminate, or at least curbed by green drinks.

#3 - Energy levels go way up

While sleep is an important factor in how we feel, another major reason most people feel tired is because of a lack of nutrition. Since green drinks supply the body with nutrients it needs, energy levels can go way up. Instead of feeling sluggish and groggy, many individuals feel energized and revitalized.

#4 - It's possible to lose weight

Green drinks may help you lose weight if you eating right and exercising as well. Some green drinks contain metabolism boosting ingredients that help to speed up weight loss rates a bit, or at least help maintain weight. I've personally lost weight simply by adding a green drink to my diet every day so I know for a fact it's possible.

Which Green Drink do We Recommend?

Out of all the green drinks we've looked into, we think Patriot Power Greens is the best. We'll keep it pretty simple by saying that:

  • Patriot power greens has over 38 fruits and vegetables
  • There are 10 digestive enzymes
  • It contains 8 probiotic strains to improve immune system function
  • 95% of customers are happy with the product.
The product is manufactured by Patriot Health Alliance, a health and wellness company based out of Nashville. You can find more info about Patriot Health Alliance on their Facebook page, LinkedIn, and on a recent Yahoo Article.

For more information on Patriot Power Greens, feel free to read this Patriot Power Greens review on Supplementsidekick.com