For individuals seeking to lose weight, the newest diet product designed to help them is Leptigen. The product makes the claim that those following basic instructions can accelerate their individual weight loss, and do it with the assistance of an effective and safe product. It is on several natural ingredients that the effectiveness of Leptigen is based.

The primary ingredient in Leptigen is Meratrim, which is made from several unique ingredients being combined, and which is a proprietary ingredient. The two main ingredients in meratrim are garcinia mangostana and sphaeranthus indicus. A natural extract that is typically used to treat stress is what sphaeranthus indicus is, and most individuals tolerate it well. A mangosteen extract is what garcinia mangostana is, and it is as an appetite suppressant that it is used.

The basic formula for Leptigen is meratrim combined with caffeine. This combination, according to the manufacturer, creates a safe and powerful weight loss supplement. The production of leptin is accelerated by this powerful combination, and this then increases metabolism which will then result in loss of weight. It is by accelerating the capacity to burn body fat as fuel that the weight loss supplement works, according to the manufacturer of the product. They also claim that Leptigen increases your energy level and increases your fat burning capacity.

For the weight loss supplement Leptigen, meratrim is the scientific basis. In regard to the effectiveness of meratrim, there are several published studies according to the manufacturer. You can visit their website for additional information on the clinical studies.

The performance of Leptigen is enhanced by other ingredients. Minimal Leptigen side effects are created, and those that are will be from the caffeine taken with it. Energy production is increased by the caffeine contained in the product. In addition, chromium which helps to regulate insulin and also increases metabolism is contained in Leptigen. The ultimate weight loss product is created by this combination of meratrim, caffeine and chromium, according to the manufacturer. And similar to a cup of coffee are the side effects according to the Leptigen review.

A propriety weight loss product is what Leptigen is, and it is only at that it can be purchased. You can visit their website for any other additional information you would like.