In an emergency situation, you need three main things: food, water, & shelter. The rest will come once you get those three items secured. Water is easy to store, and shelter can be as simple as your home, but what about food? People have to eat, and even in a survival situation, you'll need plenty of nutrients to survive.

Preppers have tried various things for years. Some can their own food, others freeze dry food that can be preserved, and others buy survival food kits like Food4Patriots. As one of the most popular survival kits on the market, Food4Patriots sells a variety of kits to survivalists who want high quality food in the event of an emergency.

About Food4Patriots

Food4Patriots is a division of 4Patriots LLC, a company based out of Nashvillle, TN. According to the official website, 4Patriots has the mission to "provide top-quality products that help people be more self-reliant and more independent, changing lives one family at a time."

Food4Patriots is the food division of this mission, and as you could expect, they sell preserved food that can be stored for up to 25 years. They also offer plenty of kits, and according to SupplementSidekick they sell the following kits:

  • 1 Week Food Kit
  • 4 Week Food Kit
  • 3 Month Food Kit
  • 1 Year Kit
  • Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix
  • Deluxe Coffee Kit – 600 servings
  • Meat & Protein Kit

That same review also lists some of the foods they sell:

    • Granny's Home Style Potato Soup
    • Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice
    • Maple Grove Oatmeal
    • Chocolate Pudding
    • Honey Coated Banana Chips
    • Traveler's Stew
    • Summer's Best Corn Chowder

As you can see, they sell a variety of foods and have a nice diverse set of meals to accommodate every time of the day. It's truly one of the most unique food kits we've seen to date, and in our opinion it's also the best.