The ability to sing gives people the power to dip their toes or fully plunge into the field of the arts. There, they can inspire learning in the next generation, and they can motivate others to develop their own artistic talents. However, to reach this level of success, people generally need training. Even those who are born with charming voices need to refine their talents and learn how to control their songs. Combining online lessons with lessons from JABBERDI.COM helps people to work toward establishing a formidable presence in the musical community.

Starting online singing lessons around the same time as the in-person lessons is useful. In fact, students may wish to think of the online lessons as part of their homework. Instead of simply leaving the lessons and avoiding any singing until the next in-person session, they can practice in-between. Therefore, students must be candid about their online instruction with their in-person instructors. In fact, those who want to learn to sing may wish to browse through the website with their instructors. Then, they can devise a plan for using both lessons to increase their efforts.

Individuals who wish to combine both in-person and online lessons in their quest to learn how to sing better should opt for personal instruction rather than group courses. In a group course, the instructor is unlikely to have the ability to work individually with each singer to craft a personal plan based on the website's information and courses. The individual lessons will likely come with a higher price, but for those who are dedicated to and singing lessons online serious about their career as singers, the cost is worth it. For this population, taking the advice of both the instructor and the website into consideration is necessary.

Each tool is offering a unique perspective into singing. While the website may cover the fundamentals and provide the singer with drills to perform at home, the instructor offers individualized advice toward the specific career goals that the singer has. When these two elements are combined, the singer gains a comprehensive experience in both form and function. To navigate some of the dichotomy that may exist between the in-person and at-home lessons, singers may wish to join communities of singers who have gained lessons from both of these channels. Feeling part of a community gives individuals a place to go to ask questions, to share success stories, and to gain support in trying moments.