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Q & A with Will Warner

Title: Instructor, Mechatronics

Birthplace: Jeannette, PA

Education: Mechanical Drafting Certificate and A.A.S. Computer AidedDrafting and Design, both from SUNY Delhi, and a B.S. in ElectromechanicalEngineering from Wentworth Institute ofTechnology

Whatdo you like most about your job? I like watching the “light” come on when new students make aconnection with the material I’m teaching. It’s also seeing them suddenlyrealize how all the seemingly disparate topics of the major fit together intoone cohesive skillset that will allow them to do essentially ANYTHING inindustry, if they so choose.

Whyshould students consider studying Mechatronics? It’s essentially a guaranteed job rightout of school. The core of this program came from industry at large, and assuch, every industry out there is scrambling to snatch up our students as fastas possible. Theskills our students acquire can be applied to virtually any industry on theplanet.

Whodo you most admire? My grandparents (on both sides of the family). Iadmire their relentless determination and drive to improve that carried themthrough immigrating to this country, setting up businesses to support thefamily, and striving to make sure that their children and grandchildren wouldbe better off than they are. All of this has helped shape who I am today. Aspart of my classes, I try to convey some of that same determination and drive tomy students.

What’syour greatest achievement? I’dhave to say being the first son on Dad’s side of the family to go to collegeand being the first to study engineering. I would also say my daughter (and herupcoming sibling!). Bringing a whole new life into the world with my wife,and being entirely responsible for shaping her as a person has changed ourwhole outlook on life!

Ifyou could change jobs with someone for a day, who would that be? I’d have to go with swapping jobs with aNational Park Service ranger. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for theoutdoors and essentially grew up in the woods via scouting (Eagle Scout andOrder of the Arrow). Beingpaid to spend my days wandering trails and helping toeducate visitors, all surrounded by the beauty of nature, would scarcely beconsidered “work” in my book.

Graduates of SUNY Delhi's Veterinary Science Technology program recently scored above the national average on the recent Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). Delhi graduates who took the exam for the first time achieved an 88 percent pass rate, compared to the national average of 73 percent.
Intern Profile

Andrew Fuller of Pennellville, NY 
BT in Mechatronics Design

Interning at JMA Wireless, a leading global innovator in mobile wireless connectivity solutions that assure infrastructure reliability, streamline service operations, and maximize wireless performance.

“My internship at JMA Wireless has given me a lot of great experiences so far. This is my second summer interning here and without the classes I took at SUNY Delhi, this internship would have never been possible. SUNY Delhi prepared me to go out and jump right into a real working situation.”

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