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Vet Tech Majors Learn CPR to Save Pet Lives

SUNY Delhi students traveled to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine this month to hone their emergency response skills in the event of a real life emergency with someone’s pet.  They participated in an Advanced Life Saving CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) simulation under the guidance of Dr. Dan Fletcher (instructing above) who has revolutionized animal CPR with his Canine Patient Simulator.

Much like a human patient simulator, Dr. Fletcher’s animal version teaches CPR skills that are specific to animals. Air bladders are activated and heart and lung sounds can be detected when students properly perform the CPR necessary to revive a pet. A computer attached to the mannequin allows for irregularities in breathing and heart rate, simulating cardiac and respiratory abnormalities that can lead to arrest.

“This experience gives students exposure to a critical situation where literally every second counts,” said Dr. Katherine Murphy a Cornell alum and Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science Technology at SUNY Delhi. “It also gives them confidence when they encounter this experience in their careers as vet techs.”
The students were divided into two groups, some performed CPR simulations while the other half observed via a remote video. The simulator’s greatest benefit is that students can immediately see the result of their efforts. 

Nancy Schwartz, a SUNY Delhi Veterinary Science Technology major, found the experience extremely rewarding. “The video recordings allowed us to see what we did right and what we did wrong after each session. Learning advanced CPR will be very valuable to me after graduation since I’m hoping to work in an emergency clinic.”

SUNY Delhi Veterinary Science Technology is the first program of its type in the nation to certify its graduates in Basic Life Saving CPR skills from the American College of Veterinary and Emergency Critical Care. Students have the option to pursue Advanced Life Saving CPR certification and participate in simulations like the one described above.

“It’s our goal to have our own animal CPR simulation lab at SUNY Delhi,” Dr. Murphy said.  SUNY Delhi is collaborating with Dr. Fletcher and Cornell and they have submitted a grant application to build a Canine Patient Simulator at SUNY Delhi.  “If successful, SUNY Delhi would be the second academic establishment in the U.S. to have a high fidelity, veterinary CPR simulator.” The goal of the grant is to create low-cost, open source high-fidelity simulators to be used by veterinarian and veterinary technician schools across the nation.  “This is very exciting since SUNY Delhi would be on the forefront of this technology,” Dr. Murphy added.

Enjoy the third annual student initiated International Dining Night at Macdonald Hall Tomorrow, April 26, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Learn about the advantages of supporting and consuming locally grown products. Students in Sandra Johnson's Politics of Health Care class worked together with Delmar Crim, Hannah Hauser, and Christina Viafore to create a flavorful and unique International Dining Night themed menu focusing on locally and organically grown products. This year's dinner menu will include pernil Cubans, spanakopita, meen alleppey curry, souvlaki, fried plantains, collards, bratwurst with red cabbage, ox tails, and more. For dessert, come enjoy churros and fried ice cream.
Landscape students compete

SUNY Delhi students competed in the 40th Annual National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC) hosted by Mississippi State University and sponsored by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. This year’s competition engaged over 700 participants from 62 colleges and universities from the United States and Canada. 

“Our students had the opportunity to expand their networking by meeting industry contacts while gaining a better understanding of the variety of career options,” said Birgitta Brophy, Associate Professor, Applied Sciences.

Also at the event, workshops and a career development series provided students a perspective on current trends and technologies from industry manufacturers, designers and organizations.

From left to right are Karina Buckholz, Erin Schreck, Emmaline Donnelly, Hannah Kelly, Zachary Priem, Kenneth Strobeck and Isaiah Elder. Birgitta Brophy and Julia Ward attended as club advisors.

SUNY Delhi
Congressman Paul Tonko (NY-20), a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, visited the SUNY Delhi campus to learn more about the college’s innovative Mechatronics programs and how students prepare for the rapidly growing fields of advanced manufacturing and automation.
Students of Delhi Today we talked to Samantha Travis from Cortland, New York who is working towards getting her bachelors in Carpentry and Building Trades. She also just won the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.We asked her what she likes about Delhi and she said the scenery and the fact that you can go for a run, take a hike and find yourself someplace alone one day and then surround yourself with positive people from all walks of life; Travel with sports, and develop long lasting friendships with your classmate the next.
It's National Puppy Day! Welcome Eden to the Delhi campus...our newest dog training as part of the college's partnership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Veterinary Science Technology majors spend their second through third semesters raising a puppy that will eventually become a service dog. Pictured is Paige Bryan and Kaitlin King with Eden.
Are you Money Smart? Come to free lunchtime “speed tutorials” today through Thursday, April 28 at 12:15 p.m. in the Resnick Library. Learn about keeping a personal budget, avoiding credit card fraud and identity theft, reducing your student loan debt, and more. Business faculty and fellow students present and take your questions. Free handouts, guides, worksheets, and a drawing for a free Kindle Fire HD.
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