New Scoring System

Every one hundred factors will degree increase Compendium. by leveling up, you will have more immortal treasures, unlock custom in-game effects, get bonus Loading Screens and boost the Battle Point Booster percentage.

For people who wish to throw funds from Valve, they will receive different custom visuals, like custom effects regarding teleporting, healing in fountain, Bottle, Blink Dagger, and Dagon. These kinds of level up Custom Outcomes final until July 28th.

If you reach degree 50 in your Compendium, you will furthermore get a particular alternate skin with the Mini-Pudge courier if the stretch objective is actually reached.

Players additionally have the alternative of buying packs regarding points for you to rapidly level up their own Compendium and also keep the tournament more. 25% associated with point revenue should go towards the general prize pool.

$2.49 USD 500 points$4.99 USD 1100 points$9.99 USD 2400 points*NEW* Mini-Pudge Courier

The new pirate king cheats update arrives using the massively anticipated Pudge courier. When you very own or even purchase a Compendium, you may receive the very own Pudgling.

If your own Compendium reaches level 50 then you'll also acquire his extra alternate style. This specific upgraded version will even arrive using a golden hook along with custom particle effects.

*NEW* Chat Emoticons

These new emoticons perform in-game and within addition in the dashboard chat rooms. Owning your Compendium gives you use of most 25 emoticons forever.

*NEW* Weather Effects

Weather Outcomes are generally stuff you may equip in order to alter the environment in your game. In case you've a new Compendium, then you'll immediately find all three in the in-game Weather Effects: Snow, Mo