Even with Oklahoma's relatively mild climate, snow, hail, and freezing rain can be a persistent threat throughout the winter. Although most think of the area as an especially hot one, wintertime temperatures around Oklahoma city regularly dip below freezing or drop and remain there, meaning that drivers often have reason to be especially cautious on the roads.

Oklahoma's winters are severe enough, in fact, that many locals find that it makes sense to take them into account when planning new car purchases. Although not every resident bothers, many who do the research decide that all-wheel-drive systems make good sense, given the nature of the area.

Among those who go this route, Subaru's vehicles are some of the most popular of all. Providing with their all-wheel-drive technology the kind of security that drivers of four-wheel-drive trucks and SUVs routinely enjoy, the cars are also fuel efficient and relatively nimble. That AWD system allows Subaru vehicles to automatically transfer power to whichever wheels have the most traction, keeping them under the control of those driving them.

That makes them popular choices among those who respect the dangers of Oklahoma's winters. Area dealership Subaru Edmond, for example, is regularly among the busiest in the area, serving as a reliable place for locals to buy cars that stand up to Oklahoma's winters. The dealer does steady business throughout the year, with interest in its offerings inevitably picking up when winter looms nearer.

Among those used cars for sale OKC buyers are interested in, too, those made by Subaru regularly top the lists. Whether the model in question is a Legacy, an Outback, an Impreza, or an STI, buyers consistently appreciate how secure and safe the vehicles make them feel when the roads become slick and dangerous.

Subaru is probably best known as a maker with a strong presence in regions further north or higher in elevation. Its cars, for example, are a common sight on the roads and highways around Denver, Duluth, and Detroit.

The fact is, though, that winters in Oklahoma routinely prove to be tough to handle for drivers, too. That makes Subaru's well-designed vehicles popular, smart options even in a state that many think of as being a much warmer place.