If you want to make sure that you can defend yourself in a bad situation, you may be thinking about purchasing a gun. However, there are so many laws surrounding guns and owning them that it may take you months, even years, to finally be able to purchase one legally. If you want to defend yourself but don't want to go through any legal trouble to buy a gun, then you should check out some stun guns. There are plenty of different stun guns to choose from, so you are sure to find one that you feel comfortable with. They also come in many different strengths; you can find 1 million volt stun guns, and other that go all the way up to 20 million volts.

If you are seriously interested in buying a powerful stun gun, then you may want to check out the runt stun gun. This is one of the most popular stun gun brands because most of their models are 20 million volts. Nobody can take a hit from that much electricity and continue standing, so you can be sure that you're safe with a runt stun gun. They also come in many different colors so you can pick something that you like.

A quality stun gun supplier will have pink, black, blue and plenty of other colored models. Also, check into leather cases that you can buy for your stun gun as well. A leather case will make you feel safer while carrying the stun gun because even if it were to turn on inside your pocket or purse, the leather would stop the electricity from shocking you.

So many people are scared to walk through their own neighborhood because people are liable to do some questionable things. If you live in an area where you don't feel completely safe at all times, then you absolutely need to find a way to protect yourself. A stun gun is also a much better way to defend yourself because you only need to touch it to a person's body and they will fall to the ground. They will get up and be okay in the future, but you can be long gone by then and have the police already dialed. Take advantage of stun guns if you are looking for a convenient, non-lethal way to defend yourself.