When you are planning to use Edmond self storage in the near future, it will really pay off to do some early planning. Most people just think of a storage facility as a kind of extension of their garage. This means that many people pack their storage units rather haphazardly, not really using any particular plan to do so. However, a storage unit is very different than a garage because it isn't right there on your own property. If you want to get something out of storing units, you have to go to the facility itself, which involves a drive. Since it takes some time to get there, you need to plan ahead more than you would when going to your garage.

Therefore, the best way to approach the storage of your personal possessions is to make it as easy as possible to get those things back out of the unit when you need them in the future. Make a list of all the items you plan to take to the facility, ordered by importance. Some of the items are likely to be especially important to you, and you will therefore be likely to need to retrieve them faster. The items that you are most likely to need the soonest should always be placed in the unit last, where you can reach them fast. This allows you to place all the things destined for a long term stay in the unit in the harder to reach areas.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the heavier items are often best placed closer to the front of the unit. Remember how difficult these things are to move, and try to make the move as short as possible. Dragging a particularly heavy item from the distant back of the unit is far harder than pulling it out from the very front area of the unit. If you have any delicate possessions that are going into the www.aaa-storage.com Edmond, you may want to consider buying a wood palette to place them on.

This palette will keep the items off the floor, which can prevent contact with leaks from other units and from the outdoors. Also, you should consider the type of wrapping that you use on delicate items. Not only do you need to wrap them carefully in bubble wrap, but you also need to protect them from extreme cold. An insulating blanket over the bubbled wrapped items can prevent the cold from creeping in and causing the item to become brittle during freezing weather.

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