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A killer. Not a murderer.

David Danjou, a former French Foreign Legionnaire and convicted murderer, has spent a lifetime running from his past. When he returns to England for the funeral of his father, he struggles to reconnect with a family and life that ostracised him years before. His sister (a former Police woman) and a crusading civil rights lawyer have been uncovering the true extent of people trafficking in the UK.

As their lives become more endangered, David's unique set of skills and life experiences offer him a chance at redemption. Descending into the underworld of organised crime, David has one chance to save his family and lay his past to rest. Blood Ties is the first in series featuring nomadic action hero David Danjou, the British ex French Foreign Legionnaire.

A veteran of modern dirty war, an injured French war hero and he's a man with demons and struggles with the burden of trying to exorcise those demons by doing the right thing. A reluctant hero, fighter and righter of wrongs, David can't hide his true nature nor what he almost seems born to do

The Ten Greatest Heavyweights Ever?

It's an old debate. Who is the best across the generations? Opinions are varied and passions run high. When I compiled my list I even argued with myself; but ultimately you need to trust the criteria, your rationale, for determining the best. This is mine:

1) Record - yes it matters. You must beat the best your generation has to offer. Losses can be avenged, titles won and lost but the numbers count.

2) Attitude - did you fight the best? Did you meet who there was to meet and not shirk the big fights? Undisputed is a rare accolade...

3) Longevity - did you do all that over time? Continuous or in sections it doesn't matter. Did you last the test of time...

4) The time & Place - sometimes you can't separate the man and the time. They become synonymous with an era, political change or redefining sport. They rise above the normal and ensure our understanding of the sport is never the same again...

Often the end of a career can taint the memory of what went before... men stay too long or comeback once to often. Considerations are always made but I looked at the career as a whole and made my judgements.

10) Jack Dempsey

9)  George Foreman

8)  Wladimir Klitschko

7) Larry Holmes

6) Jack Johnson

5) Evander Holyfield

4) Rocky Marciano

3) Lennox Lewis

2) Joe Louis

1) Muhammed Ali

There's no place for Frazier, Ezzard Charles, Vitali Klitshcko and of course Tyson. There's  a more fervent case for Charles and Frazier to be in the mix but the baddest man on the planet' simply didn't beat  the best his generation had to offer and while he had a fantastic start to his career he simply never maintained it.

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