A Top Cincinnati Law Firm Looks to Expand their services by launching a high-profile class action lawsuit and investigation. The proceedings, brought against Volkswagen and Audi, are not the first this company has attempted, but are some of the most recent and significant. Their previous cases have included derivative litigation and class actions against securities fraud.

In their recent investigation against Audi and Statman Volkswagen, the firm has researched claims that the manufacturers installed illegal devices in automobiles sold in the U.S. that were designed to bypass emission control systems. These devices allowed vehicles that did not meet the standards of the Clean Air Act to be sold in the United States.

The class action suit claims that, by doing so, the auto maker committed fraud and engaged in deceptive practices by misleading their customers. They are currently gathering data and consumer information regarding any consumers who purchased or leased the affected vehicles during the point of time when this deception was occurring.

By filing a class action, they are able to help multiple plaintiffs who were damaged in some way by the same defendant to be represented simultaneously. This reduces the caseload the court experiences and makes it possible for those who were financially damaged to be compensated. These representative actions help to save everyone time while still protecting all rights. The numerous individuals who are included in the lawsuit are not required to appear and are represented in court by the law firm that initiated the complaint.

If found guilty of the charges brought against them in the class action, the damages collected from the defendant would be divided amongst the plaintiffs equally. In many instances, these suits are not taken to court, but settled beforehand, with the amount distributed to the people listed as plaintiffs in the suit.

In order to be a part of this recent class action, anyone affected by the incident mentioned will need to contact the firm handling the case to be included. In some instances, a class member can opt out of a settlement, or the suit, in order to file a claim on their own. This is not always allowed, and there are forms to complete to do so legally. To find out the details and to learn how to be included as a member of the class action, contact Statman Harris and Eyrich LLC for more information. Interested parties will need to provide documentation of their purchase or lease in order to qualify.