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Star Shower Laser Lights: Detailed Review

We all love the holidays; good company, good food, and good music. What more can you ask for? The flipside of the holidays is that they require a lot of hard work and preparation. You have to invite people, prepare the food, and find good music. And furthermore, you have to style your home so that it looks beautiful.


But what happens when you're feeling too lazy to style up your home? How can you make your indoor and outdoor space fun and enticing for your visitors?

Well, one easy way of doing so is by adding lights. Lights have been proven to improve the atmosphere of your home, by illuminating a space and making it warm and comfortable. But buying and hanging lights is time consuming and often unsafe.

Who wants to untangle string lights and then climb up a rickety ladder and hang them across your gutters, roofs, and trees? And what if it's raining or snowing outside, who wants to get soaked during this process? One thing's for sure, this does not sound pleasant to me.

Well, there's a new kid in town, and she's known as the Star Shower Laser Light. This lighting system has been designed to light up your home during special occasions such as the 4th of July, Halloween, Memorial Day, and Christmas to name a few holidays.

In fact, you don't need to use the holidays as an excuse to bust this lighting system out. You can use it anytime you please. How awesome is that?

All you need to do is place Star Shower Lights in your yard, and then illuminate your surroundings. This lighting system is amazing to say the least, as it requires little effort on your part. So if you are looking for a fun and convenient lighting system, then you need to stop what you're doing and read the Star Shower Laser Light description below.

You'll thank me when you're done!

How Does it Work?

I know that you're extremely interested in the Star Shower Laser Light. But how does it work? Well, the process is really simple. Simply unpack the lights, and set it up in your yard. You can use a stake to secure the lights in your garden, but if you are indoors you do not need to worry about the lights losing balance.

When setting up the laser lights, you need to determine how far away to put them.

If you place the lights 10ft away from your house then they will cover an area of 206sq ft. If you place them 20ft away then they will cover an area of 824sq ft. If you place them 25ft away then they will cover an area of 1288sq ft. If you place them 30ft away then they will cover an area of 1854sq ft. If you place them 35ft away then they will cover an area of 2524sq ft. If you place them 40ft away then they will cover an area of 3296sq ft.


As you can see, the position of your laser lights depends on your personal preference and the surface area of your home.

Once you have set up the lighting system, you need to plug it in and select a color combination. The Star Shower Laser Light colors include a green laser option and a red laser option, and you can use them individually or together.

The laser light will project thousands of colorful holographic stars on your house and your property. This laser light illumination is breathtaking, and you can use it for any and all occasions.

It's pretty cool, isn't it?

Construction Quality

Whenever you are investing in a lighting system, you need to carefully analyze the construction quality of your preferred item. When it comes to the construction of the Star Shower casing, advanced polymer and metal materials are used. As you can imagine, these materials are weather resistant, allowing you to use them outdoors without fearing damage.

The compact lighting system will resist damage from rain, snow, and intense sun. To be more precise, the Star Shower can resist temperatures as high as 100 degrees F/40 degrees C, and as low as -30 degrees F/-35 degrees C.

The lighting system also comes with a foot long wire plug, which can easily be used with an extension cord. You can also be sure that the bulbs in the Star Shower Light will last for up to two years, which is very impressive.

When it comes to securing the Star Shower, you can use the lawn mounting stake provided. This stake is long and adjustable, allowing you to position it according to your preference. The durable stake will work perfectly even when it is snowing.

Last but not least, the Star Shower comes with a timer option that automatically switches on the power at dusk, and switches it off at dawn. This means that you don't have to worry about manually putting on and off your display. Isn't that convenient?

Star Shower Laser Light Review Conclusion

We have comprehensively gone over the Star Shower Laser Light, and as you can see it is pretty phenomenal. This lighting system has been crafted with care and precision, ensuring that your investment does not go to waste.

So if you've been juggling string lights on an unstable ladder for years, you don't have to stress yourself anymore. With Star Shower Lights this is a problem you can fully regulate to the past.

You can now quickly and safely put up your lights and bask in the spectacular green and red stars that cover your house and landscape.

This illumination will turn a dark holiday into a bright and vibrant one, and the effect on the entire atmosphere is breathtaking. So if you want to bring illumination to the interior or exterior of your home, then it's time for you to take out your credit card and buy yourself the affordable and amazing Start Shower Laser Light.

Didn't I say that you would thank me?

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