Standing desks have been around for many years, and during most of that time they’ve been used by only a few. While they may have been found in a few homes, you would rarely find them anywhere else. However, new research has encouraged many employers to invest in standing desks for their own employees.

Struggling In The Office

Most office workers sit practically the entire time they’re at work. Yes, this is obviously something that can be considered very dull and boring. Unfortunately, there’s been evidence to support the fact that prolonged sitting, for several hours every day, can contribute to a string of health problems (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.).

As an office employee, aside from walking backwards and Conversion Kits forwards from the office to the parking lot, how much exercise do you get a day? If you’re like most American workers, on average, you sit at your desk for five and a half hours every day. Although most workers don’t mind, many admit to noticing a change in their behavior and attitude. Some admit to routinely feeling sluggish throughout the day, while others notice they have a much more difficult time focusing.

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Health Benefits

A standing desk is a great way to incorporate a little activity into your day. There has been scientific evidence to support the perceived benefits of standing while working.

Fighting Obesity: Standing encourages you and gives you more of an opportunity to move. While standing you’re more inclined to walk around or pace back and forth. On the other hand, sitting can discourage you from doing this. It’s also a fact that the amount of calories your body regularly burns is reduced while you sit. Standing causes your heart to beat faster (10 more beats per minute) and this causes you to burn more calories.

Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease: Although the exact reason behind it is still unclear, scientists have successfully linked prolonged sitting to something as deadly as cancer. Sitting for extended periods of time has been associated with several forms of cancer (i.e. breast, endometrial, colon, prostate, and lung cancer, etc.). Surprisingly, those who spend less time sitting showed fewer signs of problems related to cancer.

As for heart disease, it doesn’t look too good for sitters either. Research has shown that sitting for more than two hours a day increases your chances of developing heart disease by 125%. Your chances increase even more if you’re much less active throughout the day.

If you’re an employer, or you work at home, consider investing in a standing desk. It can help make you and your employees more productive, and can benefit your health in the long run. Visit to find out which desks are best for you.