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The New Gold Standard of New Media

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A Technology Partner You Can Trust

We're more than just a software platform, we're your technology partner. We'll always be there to make sure you're always on the inside track so you can focus on creating great, engaging content. RebelMouse is a simple, full stack, turn-key solution that ends your product nightmares, cleans up your bottom line, and gets you growing — fast. And you don't get a static redesign you live with for years — you get a modern, iterative product built to change, built for change, and built from change.

UX/Front End/Tech

Distributed Content

  • Social Sharing
  • Social CRM
  • Personalization
  • Google AMP
  • FB Instant Articles
  • Apple News
  • Smart Newsletters
  • And More...

Editorial Tools

  • Particle Accelerator
  • Listicle Tools
  • A/B Testing
  • Post Layout Config.
  • Slideshow Tools
  • Editorial Workflows
  • Native Stats
  • And More...


  • Native Ad Tools
  • Prog. Ad Tools
  • Affiliate Partners
  • DoubleClick/DFP
  • Playbuzz
  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • And More...

You're almost there! Fill out the form below and a Rebel will contact you within one business day.


The Iterative Tech to Maximize Revenue

Keeping up with all the new monetization opportunities is exhausting, time consuming, and requires special (and rare) skills. The RebelMouse DCMS includes a built-in monetization suite to help you maximize the revenue potential of your property.

  • Easily swap out or change ad placement on article pages, with unique tools for viral content formats like listicles, without relying on tech resources.
  • Lazy load ad scripts for priority and set rules to strategically serve ads throughout your site.
  • Apply separate ad codes for desktop, tablet, and mobile to ensure placements correctly load on any screen.
  • Easily manage, customize, and add badges to posts to flag promoted, branded content.

The Iterative Product You Need for Your Content

High-traffic viral properties need a robust platform that iterates as fast as the media landscape. RebelMouse enables you to keep pace, with a revenue-focused platform that's engineered to ride the bleeding edge of digital publishing. The RebelMouse DCMS is also optimized for page speed, maximizing SEO potential.

  • Publish not just to social profiles, but also new social platforms like Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, and Google AMP, seamlessly.
  • Revive your organic growth with RebelMouse's built-in social CRM. Find new, loyal audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Customize your site with little to no design experience and no developer help necessary, complete with site-wide A/B testing.

RebelMouse Scales Traffic + Security

The RebelMouse DCMS is built for scale. As a hosted solution, complete with a battle-tested CDN, you can rest assured that your site will be able to handle viral traffic with ease. We are already serving hundreds of millions of pageviews and reaching multiples of that on social.

Introducing Social UX for Media

Let's get straight to the point. We can double your traffic in 10 days or less.

(No, we're not kidding.)

We can do this with something we call Social UX for Media. It's our way of making your site as viral and binge-worthy as the Facebook News Feed. In fact, you're interacting with Social UX for Media right now on this site. Whether you run a new media site, or a corporate blog, it just works. Check out these stats that one of our customers saw within 10 days of switching from WordPress.

Every site that we migrate sees the same lift. Every. Single. One. So, when we say that we can double your traffic in a week, we mean it. Here's how we do it:

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