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Do you have over one million page views? RebelMouse is the Distributed Content Management System that pays you.
RebelMouse powers easy-to-launch, social websites built to gain buzz, traction, and reach through powerful distribution tools. We believe content should be portable and available across not only social, but also native publishing mediums like Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Apple News. It’s a create once, publish everywhere philosophy that is always evolving with the current publishing climate. And that means endless opportunities for growth.
If you are a media company with healthy followers, you could be eligible to join The RebelMouse Site Network. This exclusive group of viral sites is privileged to align with RebelMouse 100% in a guided effort to grow your business through a revenue-sharing partnership program.

How it Works

RebelMouse Will:

Absorb all costs for hosting, scaling, and site security. Our team of designers, developers, and content strategists will work with your curators to broaden current distribution reach and find new methods for content sourcing and dispersion.

You Will:

Manage all aspects related to editorial, including overall content development, curation, sourcing, and community outreach. Your designated team will work with us to coordinate and implement growth-based strategy advice provided by RebelMouse.
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