Dealing with a divorce can be difficult, no matter how it is progressing. Though some divorces proceed without issue, many divorces are contested because issues cannot be agreed upon. It is crucial people are proactive and hire a south jersey divorce lawyer to help them with the process. With this information, people will be able to know what to expect when they file for divorce so they will be properly prepared for the process.

A petition must be filed in court when a person wants to end their marriage. The petition is the first step and it must be served on the other party in the marriage. A lawyer will generally take care of serving the divorce papers so the client does not have to be involved. The party has a certain period of time to respond to the petition. If they choose to agree to the petition, the divorce can usually be finalized fairly easily.

The biggest issues surrounding divorce are custody, support, visitation and property splits. The splitting of the property depends on the law of the state. To decide on how the property is split, the court will need to determine what property is marriage property and what was acquired before the marriage or after filing for divorce. The court will generally not get involved in splitting up the property unless the two parties in the marriage cannot agree.

Any issues that can be agreed upon will not need to be settled by the court. Issues that cannot be agreed upon can be decided on in court. A family law judge oversees all divorce proceedings including the issues that are a part of ending the divorce. People who are divorcing no longer have to stand before multiple judges to have all of the aspects of their divorce settled.

Those who are ending their marriage or need the services of a bankruptcy lawyer should call for a consultation appointment right away. Many lawyers will see new clients at no cost for the first meeting so they can learn more about the services that are offered. With the help of a lawyer, the process will be much less cumbersome.