For mosquito solutions pest control houston companies have several strategies to help frustrated homeowners. Everyone gets tired of feeling like they're being eaten alive when they try to spend a little time outdoors enjoying the nice weather. Unfortunately, Houston is prone to humidity and rain, creating an environment in which mosquitoes thrive.

At least mosquito bites typically aren't painful, as the little critter doesn't sting like bees and wasps do. However, the resulting bumps itch because of a chemical the mosquito injects that actually stops your blood from clotting at the bite source. The body responds to this chemical, treating it as a foreign substance and an allergen. Worse, the insects can carry diseases such as West Nile virus. It's best to limit their populations as much as possible on residential property. People find it difficult to avoid being bitten because various species of mosquitoes are trying to feed at different times of day.

The first method used by a pest control technician is to thoroughly evaluate the exterior of the property. Mosquitoes need standing water in which to lay their eggs. Homeowners sometimes don't even realize there's a puddle of stagnant water in an unused flowerpot or in an old container sitting outside of a garden shed. Sometimes the problem has to be searched out. Maybe the dog pushed its dish under some bushes a while back and the dish has since become filled with rainwater. Especially when any of these containers also contain organic debris, such as leaves and tree seeds, the water is particularly attractive to mosquitoes.

Next, a pest control houston technician may spray special solutions that kill mosquitoes. These are not sprayed indiscriminately around the property, but rather in targeted areas. They contain sweet bait to attract the bugs and an insecticide that kills them. Homeowners will want to keep their kids and pets out of these areas for a few days after the spraying has been done.

Learn more about pest management at a website such as if you're having trouble with mosquitoes. It's time to do battle with these bugs and make your yard a comfy place to hang out in again.