With the rising cost of electricity you are probably considering various ways to lessen the blow to your wallet. Sitting in the dark night after night to keep your utility bill down will work, but it's not practical. Solar energy systems make the most of a readily available resource. The solar panels phoenix az system installation can lower or eliminate your electric bill.

A great deal of energy is used by your hot water tank. Hot water tanks also emit a lot of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. Solar hot water heaters are a one-time investment, and you can save approximately 25% on your electricity bill. When you choose a phoenix solar heater it is important to maintain your system on a regular basis helps to preserve your system's operation for years to come. If you do not have the time to perform regular maintenance, a solar company with trained technicians can perform the maintenance for you.

These services can include:

Diagnostic tests.
Maintenance checks.
Thermal storage repairs.
Solar Panel works.
Battery repair/replacement.
Pump/circulation repairs.

Panels for phoenix solar systems can be mounted on your roof or in an area on the ground. A new technology of arranging the panels in a parallel fashion with a micro-inverter under each panel has proven to be a better system of installation. This new pattern eliminates shade on one panel by another. It also gives the panels the ability to produce their own A/C power because they are independent.

After the solar panels are installed a meter keeps track of how much energy is produced. The energy that is produced by solar phoenix is stored in the utility grid. During the night time hours, the utility storage grid will feed your home or business the electricity that it needs. The size of the solar panel will determine how much electricity you will generate.

Another option for your home is having a solar attic fan installed in your home. This will help to keep your home cooler because the hot air will be eliminated from the attic area and your air conditioning will work less. Solar system installation is available for any type of business or home. There are Federal tax credits and 30% of the total cost can be regained when you complete your taxes the following year. You can lower or eliminate your electric bill by having solar installed in your home or office.