While the trading platform has moved online, the act of buying and selling stocks is still an art form that requires precision and care. There are some fundamental things that you have understand about stock trades. If you are new to this, there is a learning curve about understanding stocks, their prices and what the particular trading terms mean.

One of the fundamentals about stocks that you have to learn is the stock symbol. This symbol is what represents the company in the stock exchange. If you don't know this stock symbol, you can easily look it up. But you do want to always double check that you put in the right symbol before you submit your trade request. The best online trading companies can help you with the analysis of the company itself. However, a simple error on this can result in you buying the wrong stock.

Another fundamental thing you have to know are what the different prices mean. There are several different prices associated with the stock price. The first is the stock quote. That is the current price that the stock is selling for. Because the price fluctuates fairly rapidly, there are also two other prices that are associated with the stock. That is the bid and asking prices. These prices determine what other buyers and sellers are willing to buy or sell the stock for. Thus, it is important to consider these prices as well before you trade.

The volume of the stock being trade is also another fundamental thing to consider because it can influence your decision on whether to buy or sell. Because the trading volume plays a role in the stock price, you really need to know the average volume of trades the company does on a daily basis. This way, you can spot if the stock is in trouble by recognizing when the pattern changes.

These are the fundamental building blocks you need to know when you are learning how to trade stocks online. Learning the lingo and what the different parts means is like learning a different language. But once you master the language, you will have a better understanding of what stocks you need to trade to gain a profit.