Social UX for Media: the perfect layout explained

Everything is a feed right now. The comfort of scrolling through articles, news, posts, videos is what's taken over all social media and we're not letting that ship sail without getting on it.

Meet RebelMouse's Social UX for Media layout:

Breaking down its features:

"Keep reading..."

Just like FB does it, we wanted to give users the option to show the full post body or just a snippet of the content. Improving reading experience is part of the heart of this layout.

Share quickly to social with these handy buttons

No needs to go inside the actual article to share it to social, you can quickly share it with the buttons at the bottom of the card. Easy and handy.

Url changes on scroll

As you go down the Social UX for Media layout, the URL changes with each new post you see on screen.
This will count PVs as you scroll down and through the articles.

More from... -->

On the top right, you'll see a 'More from.. XX'. This indicates the section, so if you click on it, it will take you to the Section that holds all the articles categorized in it.

In this case, More Dancers & Companies ->.

For information on how to monetize the Social UX for Media layout, click here.