Most homeowners do not give their septic tanks much thought until something starts to go wrong. In most cases, there are a few signs indicating the time is fast approaching for a Septic Tank Pumping Lawrenceville GA. By being aware of those signs, it is possible to take action before the tank is damaged. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Something Stinks

There is a foul odor in the home and finding the origin is proving to be difficult. After eliminating some of the more obvious sources for unpleasant smells, the homeowner notices that the scent is coming from every drain in the house. From the kitchen sink to the drain in the shower, the smell is the same. There is a good chance that the tank is full and the raw sewage is backing up into the household plumbing. To find out for sure, call a professional and have the tank checked. If it is full, arranging for a Septic Tank Pumping Duluth GA immediately is a wise move.

Slow Drains

The drains are slow, but there does not seem to be a clog. This is also a sign that the tank is full and the sewage is not flowing out of the plumbing efficiently. Rest assured that no amount of drain cleaner is going to change anything. The only way to resolve the issue is to call a professional and arrange for a Septic Tank Pumping Snellville GA.

The Grass is a Little Greener

While doing some yard work, the homeowner notices that the grass over the septic tank seems to be a little greener and possibly more lush than the surrounding grass. While it looks pretty, it is also a sign that the tank is leaking. This could be due to the fact that the tank has reached capacity. Before any real damage is done, the smart move is to call a local provider and see how quickly a Septic Tank Pumping can be arranged.

Remember that septic tanks are designed to provide years or reliable service. All they really need is some basic maintenance and a thorough pumping from time to time. For anyone who cannot remember the last time the septic tank was emptied and cleaned, today is the day to call a professional. It will not take long to determine if the tank is at or near capacity, and take the steps needed to remove the contents in a safe manner. Once the tank is clean and the right amount of bacteria is placed back in the tank, things around the house can get back to normal.