Many young people are starting to use alternative social media platforms, other than Facebook and Twitter. These forms of social media log everything that someone does on their account from the moment it gets created. This log is not something that young people want their friends to see anymore, and they also don't like the idea of posting on someone's wall so everybody else can see it. This is why SnapChat was invented. This is a new application that people use to send disposable messages to their friends. Once someone receives a video message, they have to push and hold their screen to watch it, which also gives them the ability to cancel the message instantly by removing their finger. Once the message is complete, it is gone forever.

If you want to Learn More about this new application, then check out a SnapChat Review on ReviewFuse. This website provides an in-depth SnapChat Review and talks about what people use it for today. Because the messages are disposable, it's common for people to send inappropriate messages to one another. There's no risk of the video being posted anywhere else on the internet because it's impossible to save it, which is why it's preferable for private messages.

In addition to the private message feature, SnapChat also provides users with a live video chat option. It's very simple to have a video conversation with your friends because SnapChat alerts you if that person is in the same window. This means they are available for a video chat, and you can start streaming by pushing the chat button. Your friend can do the same and you will have a live video conversation going in seconds.

SnapChat also has a friends feature where you can add a list of your buddies to chat with regularly. Also, many celebrities and internet bloggers have SnapChat accounts where they post vlogs on a regular basis. SnapChat makes it very simple to keep up with your favorite bloggers because you can add their username and instantly start watching their blogs- they don't need to accept your friend request in order view them. It's also possible to post your own stories on your account so your friends can see a short clip of what you're doing. These stories are also disposable; they will only be attached to someone's account for 24-hours, then they are gone forever. These stories are able to be viewed an unlimited number of times during the 24-hour period, but they still cannot be saved. Check out this new application if you are interested in a more private way of messaging and keeping up with your friends.