Over the last two years, Internet has grown exponentially, and so has the trend of conducting business online. Today, several individuals and entrepreneurs are using website services for promoting their offerings, and hence competition in this field has intensified manifold. The Internet sees a heavy volume of content being published every day by entrepreneurs/corporates seeking to introduce their organization or individuals looking to advertise their services. Various online marketing techniques are used by website owners to attract visitors. Link wheel is one such tool used as part of the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Understanding The Link Wheel

The Link wheel is a tool used in SEO and online marketing for creating backlinks in a spherical form, flowing through several websites. The tool, which derives its name from the round shape of a wheel, leads users to the primary website of the owner, and thus helps in attracting visitors and boosting traffic. The basic idea behind implementing link wheel is to prompt users to visit the website, and explore products and services pertaining to their area of interest.

The Basic Link Wheel And It's Improved Version

The simplistic form of link wheels is based on Web 2.0 properties. Each property creates a hyperlink to the next Web 2.0 property, thus forming a wheel. Each and every property contains a link to the concerned website. This type of pattern was once quite popular owing to its excellent mechanism. The design of link wheels was later upgraded, considering the increasing number of website visitors and intense competition. In the advanced version, the supplementary websites create a wheel around the targeted website, resembling the center of a wheel. External websites are linked to each other in a spherical pattern and each website links to the targeted website, typically resembling the spokes of a wheel. The pattern has higher number of hyperlinks to the targeted website, thus rendering positive results on search engines.

How Do The Link Wheels Work?

Search engines such as Google have their own algorithms for search queries, helping generate the appropriate results to users. In order to rank higher on search engine results, several website owners resort to SEO. Search engines rank the results according to their relevancy to the query raised. Incoming links such as backlinks are used by Internet marketers to improve their website's ranking. When a website is connected to several other websites, backlinks increase, thus aiding in driving traffic toward the principal website. The website thus ranks higher whenever a relevant query is looked up. This, in turn, induces the user to visit the website to get the information he is interested in.

How To Create A Powerful Link Wheel?

In order to devise a link wheel, one should begin with Web 2.0-based blogs, social media platforms, and article hosting sites that allow hyperlinks to be included within the content. It is accompanied by a brief write-up, which comprises keywords and phrases, and information pertaining to the targeted website as well as other sites in the link wheel.

What Advantages Does It Bring?

The success of a website is measured by the number of visitors or hits it gets. Link wheel enables the target website's URL to be dispersed over numerous other websites that host information relevant to users' area of interest. Search engine optimization using the link wheel tool is a strategy used by Internet marketers to secure quality back links for the target website through relevant blogs created in a Web 2.0-based environment.