Somewhere between the automobile and traveling by foot lies the perfect form of personal transportation. Some people are inclined to point to the bicycle, but many others find that means of locomotion a little too sweaty and difficult. Even if the perfect form of personal transportation has not yet made itself known, there have been some interesting new developments in the field in recent years.

One of the most striking of these is undoubtedly the smart balance wheel. Consisting of little more than two rugged wheels connected by a flat platform, this device has attracted the attention of many who are interested in personal transportation. Like the Segway, this form of self balancing scooter uses sophisticated microprocessors to keep riders upright and safe. Unlike that bulky vehicle, the Best Smart Balance Wheel models are easy to pick up and carry into an office, a store, or a home when a trip comes to an end.

With companies like the one at now focusing on advancing the state of this fundamentally interesting technology, more people are coming to see it as a solution to their travel needs. Early balance wheels, for example, were good for less than a mile of travel before their batteries needed to be recharged, relegating them largely to the realm of curiosity.

Modern wheels, though, can go a whole lot further before requiring a boost. Many of the top models today are capable of moving a rider of average size twelve miles or more on a single charge, making them a real option for even some fairly lengthy commutes. A focus on convenience has also led to greatly improved charging times, so that it can now take as little as an hour to ready a wheel to make another journey of similar length.

None of this would matter, of course, if riding a wheel was unbearable, overly difficult, or dangerous. In fact, though, most people can learn to ride in a few fun minutes, with nothing more than a natural shift of the weight being needed to effect a change of direction. Compared to riding a bicycle or walking, too, traveling by balance wheel is incredibly relaxing, even if riders do get some exercise as they stand and adjust to the inevitable bumps that come along.

While today's wheels are probably not the ultimate solution to the problem of personal transportation, they certainly suggest a lot of promise. With the technology still advancing rapidly and in productive ways, many believe that tomorrow's wheels will become a regular fixture of everyday life.