Wouldn't you love to be in great shape with a great body? It can happen if you work with one or more of the Beachbody Coaches who are known for guiding people into the best physical shape of their lives. Clients are coached using programs such as TurboFire, an intense cardio conditioning program lasting 90 days, and P90X, another 90 day fitness system that was created by well known trainer Tony Horton. The P90X program makes use of 12 workouts that use cardio, ab work, yoga, resistance training, plyometrics, and martial arts. There is a nutrition plan, a workout calendar, and a fitness guide included. It is designed for Exercising at home which many people prefer.

Beachbody is an American corporation known for using infomercials to sell fitness and weight loss products. Probably the best known products are Tony Horton's P90X and Shaun T's Insanity workouts. Beachbody has a network of distributors known as coaches who have done one or more of the programs and are in great shape. They are so happy with the results that they want to help everyone to get into great shape. Miguel Carrasco was there for the Beachbody Canada launch and he focused on Marketing, Technology, and Social Media. He became the first Diamond Beachbody Coach in Canada and shortly thereafter became a 5 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach. He assembled Canada's Top Beachbody Team and continued to help change lives through these programs.

An intense desire to help people change their lives through Beachbody programs is the reason behind Smart Ass Fitness. Miguel Carrasco was initially overweight and suffering from high blood pressure. Beachbody programs changed his life since he was able to lose 45 pounds in just 90 days! Smart Ass Coaches are always on the look out for superior coaches to join the team. Simply go to www.smartassfitness.com/insanity-max-30-review/ for more information.

There are a number of reasons to join the Smart Ass Beachbody Coaches. This is the only team that has a proven system utilizing social media and marketing that generate huge numbers of leads. You can plug into this system so that you can grow your business quickly. People love the Beachbody system because they can get in great shape working from home. This saves you gas money driving to the gym not to mention steep gym membership fees. You can also save money on selected Beachbody products while making an incredible residual income. As a member you can be the first to try out new programs such as 21 Day Fix and PiYo. You will also be able to get the latest program releases such as Focus T25 and P90X3. It is well worth it plus you get paid to be healthy and fit!