Large and tall men have many reasons to be thankful for their size. They are statistically more likely to get hired that a shorter applicant, they make larger salaries on average than smaller folk and are commonly the presidential candidate that receives the most votes. That is not to say that being larger than average is easy. You cannot quickly blend into a crowd, those "roomy" seats car manufacturers brag about are typically smaller than expected and it is always a challenge to purchase a mattress that does not leave the feet and ankles dangling off the end.

Many of these inconveniences can be managed and possibly even ignored. One that cannot is clothing. There is no way to ignore the fact that buying clothing, particularly suits, is a challenge for larger men. Walking into the average department store and finding anything acceptable for a bigger frame is almost impossible. When your career wardrobe is the clothing in question, it must fit correctly or you will not only be uncomfortable, you will also look unprofessional.

With large men's suits there are a lot of considerations that are not in place with smaller clothing sizes. Shirt sleeves must be roomy enough to not bind up around the armpits and upper arms. The sleeves on shirts and jackets must be long enough too, as many times those on average tops barely reach mid-wrist.

Shirt tails are a hassle as well, rarely long enough to tuck in and even less likely to stay tucked in when any movement occurs. Pants also need to be large enough to not pinch or show more ankle than acceptable.

Too often manufacturers simply add a couple of inches to the inseam or waist and think this is acceptable. However, these suits are often too loose and unstructured to flatter the wearer. No one wants to waste money on a suit that will make them look frumpy. This is why skopes wool suits are different. They are made to fit larger sizes in the same way smaller and standard sizes are designed for those who wear them. Their outfits are stylish and quality-made as well, ensuring that no matter how tall or broad a shopper may be, they can still have an elegant, dashing appearance.