Natural skin care products are becoming popular not only because of the green and eco-friendly trend, but because natural ingredients are better for healthy skin. Natural beauty products do not contain the often mysterious contents found in other skin care products and, by this reason alone, are preferable.

Often chemicals found in regular skin care products are deemed safe in low doses. But considering that most people use ten different skincare products in a day, each day, the average person is regularly exposed to 130 different chemicals on their skin. In low doses, they may not have averse effects, but the results over time are unknown.

Some chemicals in skincare products are, however, known to be dangerous and should definitely be avoided by all skin types. 1,4-dioxane is a proven carcinogen in animals and may be so in humans as well. Hydroquinine has carcinogenic properties and neurotoxins. Mercury is already known to be dangerous but even in low doses impair brain function. Many products can contain nanoparticles, which are usually too small in overall content to be listed on product labels but are untested and may have unknown consequences. Triclosan is an antibacterial often found in cleansers that is not only carcinogenic but can also cause drug-resistant super bacteria to grow on the skin.

Many natural ingredients have been used by women for centuries for healthy skin and are proven safe. The most popular ingredient of all, said to be used by Cleopatra, is honey. This simple substance is antibacterial, contains antioxidants and helps unclog pores. Honey is one of the ultimate natural skin care products for smoothing wrinkles, treating and/or preventing acne, and moisturizing. Fruits and vegetables also contain skin rejuvenating properties. For instance, citrus peels have astringent properties that can increase cell-turnover rate leaving skin smoother and more radiant. And vegetable peels can make a facial mask that effectively exfoliates.

Natural oils moisturize and smooth dry skin and wrinkles. Vitamin E oil for instance is often used to soothe and restore dry chapped lips. Since skin naturally produces oils, these substitutes enhance natural properties that may be lacking in certain skin types. Tea tree oil has also long been used as a natural acne treatment because of its exfoliating properties. Natural skin care products are just as effective and safer than ordinary cleansers, moisturizers and lotions. Information on natural skin care ingredients and their properties can be found at skin care.