Your windows are an important part of your home's architecture and appeal. These structures act as security devices and insulators. To manage the quantity of sunlight and air passing through your windows, it's necessary to have the right window coverings like the ones at ministry of curtains. These window coverings also enable you to enhance the aesthetic value of your home. In particular, aluminum blinds are very popular due to their durability and longevity. Learn how to care for these window coverings when you purchase them to prolong their useful life.

After purchasing aluminum blinds, read the user's manual. Familiarize yourself with the components of your blinds. This includes the head-rail, tilt wand, slats, string ladder, cord equalizer, lift cord, and tassel. Learning the names of the components of your blinds will help you understand the directions. Pay close attention to safety warnings. It is extremely important to keep small children away from mini-blinds. When you allow children access to these window coverings, they can start to think of them as toys. Getting stuck between the slats or having the cords around a child's neck can result in serious personal injury or death due to strangulation. Invest in a child safety device to prevent this from occurring.

Because aluminum blinds purchased at ministry of curtains singapore are flexible and sturdy, you can vacuum them. Do this twice a week to remove accumulations of dust, debris, bacteria, and other substances. Unremoved grime can permanently damage these window coverings. You can also use a feather duster to remove these substances. However, spray a light mist of window cleaner on the duster to keep debris from scattering into your household.

About once a month, remove your mini-blinds from the window openings. Lay the mini-blinds on a flat surface. It's preferable to not do this on carpet as you will use a cleaning mixture that can harm your carpet. Create a cleaning mixture of warm water and your chosen dish detergent. Use approximately half a capful of the cleanser. Submerge a sock or cloth into the solution. Wring out some of the water. Clean all the slats on both sides. Use another cloth to rinse the blinds on both sides with clear water. Let the mini-blinds air dry before hanging them back up.

By taking care of your mini-blinds, these window coverings can help protect your home by preventing others from seeing into your home. They can also prevent warm air from escaping your home. For more information on window treatments, consult an expert at singapore roller blinds. This business handles many window coverings including blinds and curtains singapore.