With so many providers competing for their business, wireless users in the United Kingdom have it good. The number of unlimited data plans on the market has multiplied greatly in recent years, with this formerly rare option now becoming a common one. Even so, it still pays to shop around for the best deals, because those who do so can count on saving money and securing better service in the process.

Plans of this general kind can be divided into two basic, broad categories. Some plans include the provision of a mobile device, often a high-end smartphone like one of Apple's or a Samsung Galaxy or similar. These plans, naturally enough, tend to be the most expensive of all, because the monthly fees they include pay not just for service, but also for a handset that can retail for hundreds of pounds.

While plans of this kind can sometimes be a good option in particular situations, this is relatively rare. Breaking up the cost of a smartphone over a series of monthly payments can seem attractive to those with relatively little money to put down at once, but it tends to be fairly expensive, in the final analysis. Providers rarely deviate much from standard retail pricing when putting together these packages, meaning that those who opt for them do not benefit from the hardware discounts that can so regularly be found today.

Many people will therefore do better with a data plan for sim only. Instead of including an expensive handset in the plan, these options just provide customers with simply SIM cards that can be inserted into smartphones that they already own. This quick, easy process sets up a device to work with the associated network and leaves the user only paying for service, instead of potentially costly equipment, as well.

For those who already own a satisfactory device or can find one at an attractive price at retail, this is typically the best option of all. Of course, even once this course has been decided upon, there will still be the question of which particular plan to pick. That, too, can take quite a bit of research, with work of this kind also being likely to pay off.