Skis have changed radically over the course of the last two decades. It used to be common for snow skis to extend well over two meters in length, towering over the average skier. In terms of their profiles, too, skis used to be relatively straight, with only slight reductions in their width at the waist.

Around twenty years ago, manufacturers began introducing a fundamentally different kind of ski. Much shorter than their predecessors, these skis where also far more curvaceous, with notably fat tips and tails dwarfing their slender waists.

Despite their seeming like such an extreme departure from the traditional design, just about everyone who tried this new style of ski found them easy to get used to. In fact, professional instructors soon discovered that novices who began their experiences aboard such skis advanced much more quickly than those who made use of traditional ones.

It did not take long, then, for these so-called "shaped" skis to completely dominate the market. Skis For Sale today are just about always of this kind, with only a few manufacturers even bothering to produce the traditional kind that were the standard for so many years.

This means that those who head out to Shop For Skis will find a lot of skis with wide ends and thin middle sections and of an unimposing length. This can be a bit of shock for those who are inexperienced with the sport, because the usual outsider's image of the equipment has not quite caught up with reality.

Even if they can be a little funny looking, though, the fact is that this style of ski is typically the best option for just about everyone. Only those who are interested in cross-country travel or Nordic-style mountaineering, where needing to move over flat ground and even uphill is common, generally tend to need the longer, straighter kind that was so common in years past.

Those who focus on downhill skiing alone, then, will almost always want to opt for shaped skis instead. Skis On Sale tend to be of this kind, because of this fact and the popularity of downhill skiing, so finding a great pair at an excellent price is generally not all that difficult.

What skis of this kind offer to those who strap them on is a much smoother learning curve and markedly better performance in a range of typical mountain conditions. Shaped skis tend to be so much easier and more satisfying to make use of, in fact, that some credit them with a revival of interest in the sport.