Dealing with electricity calls for understanding what to do in the event of an emergency situation. When electrical current is not contained properly and begins to travel in another direction, the phenomenon of an arc flash develops. In many settings, it is necessary to take steps to reverse the situation and once again contain the current. Here are some of the basics involved with basic arc flash safety Florida.

Cutting the Current

When the flash develops, the first strategy for bringing the situation under control is to break the flow of current. This will mean gaining access to the point of origin for the flow. Depending on how the electrical system is set up, it may be possible to throw a breaker switch and stop the flow with ease. This strategy is relatively simple when there is a breaker box located a safe distance from the arc flash. Once the origin is disabled, it will be easier to find out what caused the problem and make the necessary repairs.

The Right Protective Gear

At times, there is not a means of disabling the flow of current from a safe distance. This means someone will have to enter the range of the flash and cut off the flow of power. Before attempting to deal with the root cause of the flash, it is important to don clothing and gear that will protect everyone attempting to contain the situation. The clothing will be resistant to current and not act as a conductor. All material must also be heat resistant in order to protect the technician who is attempting to resolve the problem causing the flash. Protection for the hands, eyes and head must be part of the basic gear.

Along with protective clothing, there is the matter of having the right tools on hand. All tools must be coated with non-conducting materials. For example, if pliers or similar tools are needed to deal with the opening or repair to a junction box, they must have rubber coated handles. The goal is to make sure the team dealing with the crisis will not be subjected to any level of power surge that could cause injury.

Remember that training is also an important part of arc flash safety. By having a Shock Hazard Analysis Florida conducted, it is possible to understand what occurs during a flash and how to safely respond to the issue.