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"Things were never quite right between us. Something was always off, I realized you weren’t right for..."

“Things were never quite right between us. Something was always off, I realized you weren’t right for me. It’s like trying to finish a puzzle with all the wrong pieces. I knew deep down inside that we wouldn’t ever work, but I tried so hard to change that. I was working against the waves and the universe. I had all of these feelings that I felt for you so deeply, but I knew it would never be you and me in the end. That’s what sucks, when life gives you this beautiful person that you care for so much but you know they don’t treat you like you should be treated, and you know that they’re going to be temporary because they don’t even bother to ask you how your day was, they don’t care as much as you do, and your friends tell you that, everyone tells you that but you try so hard to prove everyone wrong. So you still hold on. You want so badly for it to work. It’s so hard letting someone go, its so hard to live without the person that you’ve spent all of your time on, it hurts so bad and it stings for such a long time and I honestly don’t think that feeling ever goes away. You try to change them, you try to crack open the shell that they live in just to try an pick at their brain, to understand what they’re feeling, but they never tried doing that for you. I mistook the wasps for butterflies, you stung me so many fucking times but I never gave up on you. I wore myself out trying to make you feel something, let alone love me. I always wanted you to look at things the way I did, when you walked away from me I wanted to hate you, I tried so hard to hate you. But in the end all I wanted was for you to be happy, god that was all I have ever wanted, I wished that when you look back at what we had you’d just be happy we made the decisions that we did, and cherish the happy memories we created, even if there wasn’t many, but instead, I heard someone asked you about me and you told them I was worthless and better off dead. But till this day I still wish the best for you, and I still check up on you. Things were never quite right between us.”

- (via sadandraddreams)


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