If you are tired of looking older than you are, you most likely feel self-conscious about your appearance. Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin can cause you to look much older than you actually are. If you want people to keep guessing about your age, you may want to consider having a facial plastic surgeon perform a facelift. Blepharoplasty by Dr. Shapiro can perform your facelift and take care of all of these issues, so your skin is tightened, toned and more youthful than ever before. If you are considering having a facelift procedure, read on for more information.

Today's facelift procedures are more advanced than in years past. In the past, these procedures caused extensive work to be done and ended up requiring long healing times. Today, the incisions are much smaller and the procedure is much less invasive. Though the procedure is still a serious surgery, it is much safer than in the past. Since there is less invasion to your facial structure, you will have less swelling, bruising and pain.

To begin the procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions in your hair line, behind and in front of the ears and below the chin. These incisions will be used to allow the surgeon to pull the skin taught, so the excess skin can be removed. This removes the wrinkled areas and any sagging skin. Once this skin has been removed, the skin is then sutured closed, in its new position.

After your facelift, you will need to get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity until your surgeon releases you. This will help to avoid complications with the healing process, so your surgery will be a success. It may take time for you to be able to see the full results of your surgery. After the swelling and bruising have gone down, your new, younger face will be revealed. It may take a few weeks before you see the full results of what the facelift has done for you.

For more information on facial surgery by Dr. Shapiro, visit shapiroplasticsurgery. They can offer you a wide array of surgical and non-surgical procedures, to help you have the beautiful appearance you have always wanted. If you would like to schedule a consultation appointment with Daniel I. Shapiro, MD, FACS, contact him at his office at 5410 N. Scottsdale Road, Building F-100, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 Main Office: 480. They will be glad to give you all the information you need, so you can see if a facelift will benefit you.