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It's April 29, 2016 at 09:03AM, promise to do what you can today to end white supremacy and destroy white privilege. Every bit helps.


  • Hire Black
  • Do not acquiesce to whiteness
  • Start a business and hire at least one Black person
  • Do not deny your Blackness
  • Unlearn white historical lies
  • Mentor Black youth
  • Protect black children
  • Vote for Black interests
  • Preach #BlackLivesMatter
  • Do not engage in colorism
  • Learn the truth about World history
  • Support Black people who support Black people
  • Buy Black
  • Go to a HBCU
  • Respect the Black woman
  • Fight against white internal dominance
  • Protect Black womanhood
  • Read Black authors
  • Learn the truth about American history
  • Increase Black knowledge
  • Protect Blackness
  • Don’t worry about being polite, call out racism when it happens

All of it matters because all of it helps.

#endwhitepower #whitesupremacy #whiteracism #blackpower #wecandoit
Black College Student Reported Missing after Uber ride


The family of a missing Georgia State University college student is asking for the public’s help in finding her.

Photos of 21-year-old Monique Priester were posted on Instagram, and fliers are circulating around the Georgia State campus in hopes of locating her.


Due to the increase of hate crimes today, we need to spread this information, because there might be a chance to save someone!

Click here to support Homeless High School Senior by Angela Newsom
Click here to support Homeless High School Senior by Angela Newsom:


I know I’ve shared this a lot but if you have anything to you can donate to my little sister I would appreciate it so much. If not just sharing this around will help. They’re getting evicted pretty soon. I don’t know what she plans to do. Unfortunately I don’t have much to give her. For now this is all I can do to hopefully close the gap on what she needs.

Please please please share this anywhere you can.

If you can donate even a dollar I’d be grateful. I will personally send thanks to anyone who decides to donate. Please share this post.

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