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Tumblr, we need your help.

This evening as we were arriving at our hotel on the North Carolina coast, we heard a cry in the parking lot.  We thought it might be a cat, so we called for it.  The cry persisted.  Out of the darkness ran a little orange kitten.

The kitten was desperate.  He cried and cried, until we picked him up, put him in our car, and drove around looking for a place to buy cat food after midnight.  We found some at a gas station, along with cat litter, and then we smuggled him up into our hotel room.  We have since bathed him several times to combat the flea infestation from which he was suffering.

Throughout these multiple baths, he has not stopped purring once.  He follows us everywhere.  He wants to be cradled and cuddled constantly, he is especially fond of toes and kisses.

On top of everything, it seems as though his whiskers have been cut.  We don’t know everything this little guy has been through, but he’s clearly had a hard life so far and he deserves so much better. As you all know if you’ve been following me, we already have multiple cats and probably shouldn’t add another to our household.  However, surely someone out there can give this guy a home.

We found him in Morehead City, NC, and will be traveling back up to Chapel Hill. NC on Sunday.  Is there anyone who is interested in this little guy and can meet us to give him a good home?  Please send me or Ash a message if you’re interested.

Please reblog even if you can’t offer him a home.  Maybe someone you know can!


oooh someone give this beauty a home!

Someone help out this little booger
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