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which rapist are you?

if you identify as a man, then this is directed at you.  

(note: if you are already getting ready to say “not all men”, then just go someplace else - and I don’t care to know where.)

(trigger warning: rape & rapists)

if you were on a train with 30 men and one woman.  the men gang rape her.  which rapist would you be?

would you be the first? the last? would you cheer the loudest?  would you be the most vicious? would you take pictures on your phone?  would you upload it to 4chan or reddit? 

chances are, you would be so afraid of being beaten and raped yourself by these same men, that you would join them in a blur of violence and cruelty and profanity.  you’d get off the train as soon as possible, run for your life, paranoid that you would be caught or arrested, vomiting in an alley.  then, you’d spend the rest of your adult life telling women that you’re a “nice guy”, blaming the women you date for being…whatever you blame them for, all as a pretext to get yourself worked up enough to justify assaulting them as you try to prove to those men in that train that you were not weak.

that’s reality.  that’s patriarchy with no filters.

until you and all the men around you would stand up to a train full of rapists, you’re a rapist waiting to happen.

coolthingoftheday: The Sea Organ is an experimental musical...


The Sea Organ is an experimental musical instrument that is located in Zadar, Croatia. Beneath the white marble steps, a series of tubes create a system that could be described as a large piano. When the waves or the wind flow through the holes, they interact with the organ to create random harmonic sounds. (Source)

You can listen to the sounds that the Sea Organ produces here.

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