Sexual addictions can be traumatic and damaging. Experts say a great percentage of men and women with boys sex addiction treatment have venereal disease. Further, women often get pregnant as a result of the behavior. It is hard to diagnose sex addiction because it takes many forms. The different forms include pornography addiction, sex/love addiction and exhibition or voyeurism. Pornography addictions are hard to diagnose because many people enjoy watching the images. On the other hand, some individuals are obsessive or compulsive. Unfortunately, many young people are addicted to pornography.

Contributing factors to a sexual addiction include depression, anxiety and sexual abuse. That is why it is important to get help for boys with pornography addiction. Experts say this addiction is similar to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. For instance, people with pornography addictions ignore and neglect personal relationships because of their obsession. Likewise, a drug addict replaces these things with a drug. Addicted individuals can spend hours alone watching pornographic images. It is very easy for teens to access the images on the internet. A recent study shows that 42 percent of a sample of 1500 internet users, ages 10 to 17, were exposed to images in the last year. In addition, a third of the group said they welcomed the exposure.

Mt. Pleasant Academy is a sex-specific treatment program for boys. The Academy's specialists foster an atmosphere where boys can discuss the addiction openly. Indeed, many students are able to disclose their behavior for the first time ever. They do not fear repercussions because there is no backlash from therapists or their peers. The program that offers help for pornography addiction starts with a ninety-day comprehensive evaluation. Afterward, the therapy team recommends treatment for the student. The average treatment stay is eight to thirteen months. Therapists encourage students to take responsibility for their behavior and learn self-regulation strategies. The goal is to help them learn healthy sexual attitudes, a safe sexual identity and acceptable boundaries. Other treatment objectives include:

improve family functioning behaviors
learn to live addiction free
learn healthy and appropriate self-expression
learn how to control one's behavior

Professionals also use experimental therapies, including equine, to help the students. Finally, students learn empathy for others through treatment and role playing. Therapists say this is an important part of recovery. Further, they learn a family safety plan to use when they leave the program. Recovery is essential to children returning to a normal life and age appropriate activities.