SEPTA is a safe transit system, but all transportation systems experience accidents. SEPTA stands for South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, and operates in metro Philadephia which includes parts of New Jersey and Delaware. Make sure your rights are protected if you or a loved one have an accident on SEPTA. Hire an experienced representative like Attorney Jeffrey Penneys.

Bus driver fatigue is one of the most Common Causes of SEPTA Bus Accidents. A tired driver is unsafe and more likely to cause an accident. The CDC issued a recent report finding lack of sleep is a public health epidemic. The CDC studied different age groups and asked whether they'd fallen asleep at the wheel. Indeed, the results were astounding 5.7 percent of people between the ages of 35 to 45 admitted dozing off in the past month. Furthermore, 7.2 percent of drivers ages 25 to 35 said yes. Aggressive driving may be to blame for some SEPTA Bus Accidents. Road rage makes drivers reckless which often results in serious accidents. If the driver's conduct is reckless, victims are entitled to compensatory and punitive damages.

Drinking and driving is the culprit in many accidents. There is no way that a driver who is under the influence is a safe driver. Further, bus drivers are supposed to keep order on the bus. That's difficult when you are concentrating on driving. Bus drivers need to remove unruly passengers from the bus, or call police for help. Maintenance is also a neglected area for many companies. Many companies try to cut corners because it is expensive to maintain buses. Indeed, your attorney will review the bus' maintenance schedule and repair history. Attorneys, like Jeffrey Penneys, make sure that clients receive all the compensation they are entitled to. Visit his website and read the SEPTA Accident blog.

Accident victims need to act as quickly as possible. The driver gives passengers an accident report to complete, and this should be done right away. This simple form proves that you were on the bus during the accident. Furthermore, get the name and a physical description of the bus driver. In addition, note the date, bus number and SEPTA Accident Blog route number. Pennsylvania has special rules if someone is injured as the result of a sudden stop. The rules are designed to protect people when accidents are caused by rough stops and sudden lane changes. In any event, get the name and phone number of a couple of other passengers on the bus. The information may be helpful if the attorney needs other witnesses. Finally, victims need to report injuries to their health care provider immediately.