Des Moines Web Design is often formed in stages. Developers can begin by adding some of the basic features. Over time, they add new elements. SEO begins small because it is largely a system of thousands of small processes working together. The below practical steps can help shape an SEO Web Design Des Moines strategy.

Images and Text

Two web pages are the same. The text content is the same. The industry is the same. Yet, one will rank far higher than the other. What is the difference? In this example, the difference is the addition of an image or two. A specific web page will rank far better if it has images added to the content. The images provide a nice balance to the actual layout of the page. Google will discourage content that leans too heavily on images. Images do not index and rank as easily as text content. Users should certainly add images to the content, but it should not take up the majority of the space. Furthermore, always add meta descriptions to the images. Web Design Des Moines receives bonus points for adding keywords to the meta description.

Custom Domains

In the past few years, there was a nice debate between using a custom domain and a tagged domain. A free CMS platform, such as Wordpress, will add a domain that looks like Some would argue that this is still a viable option, and perhaps they should upgrade when the website earns some traffic. Now, a custom hosted website almost has to have a specific domain name. SEO is damaged beyond words in CMS hosted websites. The reason is that Google thinks the website is not as valid or as large because it is using a free CMS domain. Consider how easy it is to make a website. Millions of Wordpress websites are set up that offer very little content that Google finds valuable to its economy.

Geographic Local Marketing

Marketers need to look at their local efforts to gain a competitive edge. This would include catering the content to the local market. National companies that ship all over the world can develop personal blog content that specific outlines a certain city (i.e. top shopping spots in Chicago). Efforts can be localized even when the company is not.

SEO takes some time to develop. Businesses interested in SEO Des Moines Web Design can start small, using keywords and general purpose content. They can then add some of the above elements to improve the content over time.