To most people, a full moon is a sign of the passage of time. It is also a pretty thing to see in the night sky. It has that fine and unique glow that lights up the night and can really be amazing for people to watch.

However, the meaning of the full moon is very different to Wiccans. The Wicca faith says that the full moon is much more reflective of how life works and what values people should follow as they go through in their daily lives.

Wiccans often follow the full moon with many beliefs and rituals in mind. These are rather unique aspects of the faith that relate to the importance of the passage of time and the values that the gods may hold for all people in the faith to use in their daily lives.

It Relates To Wisdom

Wiccans often feel that a full moon is a sign of wisdom and knowledge. This is a time when people are willing to communicate with the gods and interact with them by praying to the gods in the faith. This is a rather interesting part of the faith that shows that there is a good sense of belief within the faith that the gods are going to take care of them and keep their problems from being any worse than what they might already be like.

Ceremonies Are Held

Some ceremonies are also held in many Wiccan branches. People will light candles around their altars and communicate with the gods during these ceremonies. They often do this in order to state that they are there for their gods and that they are willing to listen to whatever it is they have to say. This is regardless of how intensive or complicated the concepts might be.

These ceremonies may be practiced alone but in many cases they may also be followed with others in a commune. Either way, the people are expected to be respectful to each other and to work in unison to help bring about the respect of the gods that they are trying to interact with. They understand that there is a real need for all to be respected and cared for as necessary.

Asking For Love

In addition, people are going to also follow the faith with the intention of asking for love and respect from those who are to be worshiped. That is, they will request the respect of the gods and their support. However, the Wiccans are people who will make sure that they are going to worship these gods with care. They understand that no mortal person is above any god and that the right requests for love are critical to the lives that these people want to meet as they go about.

The full moon is an interesting part of the Wicca faith that people often pay attention to. It is important to the faith as it relates to knowledge and wisdom. More importantly, it is reflective of the knowledge and beliefs that people want to follow when it comes to understanding how the faith is to be run.

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