Those who live in Hawaii know full well the gorgeous vistas, enchanting waters, and historically rich past of the state. To everyone else in the United States, Hawaii is the epitome of a dream paradise. They would want nothing more than to escape for a fleeting moment and indulge in the captivating waters of Hawaii and the history it holds on its shoulder. That can be accomplished by leis and tropical flowers, sent from the famed state all the way across the ocean and through the country.

The Purity of the Hawaiian Rainforest

The Hawaiian flowers and gift baskets collect the best and most natural elements from the state. The islands are defined by two main features- the volcanoes and the rainforests. The rainforests are lively and spirited. Long-time inhabitants believe that the rainforest is filled with enigmatic spirits that can curse or grant eternal happiness to visitors. The rainforest also has practical benefits to the entire ecosystem. The special grasslands and brushes of the region that exist outside the thick of the main rainforest support wildlife that exists nowhere else in the world. The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the rarest species of seal. They exist around the rainforest waters, and an estimated 50 are still out there. The Hawaiian hoary bat is also endangered. They present that whimsical though dark underbelly to the rainforest of Hawaii.

Beauty in Oahu

The state also has five main species of spider that exist nowhere else in the world. It is a state that is rich in an ecology that is worth exploring and studying. Any of these elements of Hawaii, particularly Oahu, can be expressed in a Hawaiian gift basket. It is an announcement to those over the sea that Hawaii is special in more ways than what a tourist travel guide can express. There is a life here that is vivacious, phenomenal, and pure (pure as natural soap and other spa items).

Hawaii and accompanying baskets collects the spiritual provisions of the state. Everything from kona coffee bags to natural cleansing and spa items means that the vitality of Hawaii can be captured and presented to everyone else in the mainland. Hawaiians often send flowers from Hawaii to express what it really means to live here. It is more than corporate hotel stays and expansive beaches. there is a pure spirit and essence here that can extend life, and make every rainbow brighter.