Over the years you've probably wondered "Where can I find self storage near me?", because you just needed a little more space for all your things. There are many reasons to rent a storage unit, but there are also new things to learn about the process. Here, you'll get some tips on maximizing your storage space and protecting your belongings from theft, loss and damage.

Put everything on pallets. It's important to keep your belongings off the floor, because you never know when snow, rain or spillage from another unit will come under the door.

Wrap it up. Every time you rent the best facilities, you should wrap whatever you can in thick industrial plastic wrap. That way, it's sealed up and protected from bugs and dust, and it's less appealing to thieves.

Lock the unit. Although most storage facilities have security, that does not mean your belongings are 100% protected. Find a padlock with a shorter arm to prevent the usage of a bolt cutter.

Label everything. Even if you know just what you're putting in storage, that doesn't mean you'll have an easy time finding what you're looking for the next time you visit. Label each box with its contents, and consider making a checklist that you can hang inside the unit door.

Consider the climate. Although it may not be a problem in some areas, some things are susceptible to temperature changes. Vinyl records, electronics and old photos are some items that can be damaged when not stored in a climate-controlled unit. If you can't find such a unit, consider storing these items elsewhere.

Protect the area. While the things you put into the unit are important, it's equally vital to protect the storage unit itself. If there's damage to the building, you may receive a hefty fine, not to mention losing all of your belongings.

Learn how to stack things. Even a small storage unit can hold a considerable number of items; all you have to do is arrange things carefully and pack all the way to the unit's ceiling. It may be helpful to layer boxes and plywood for added stability, and to avoid crushing the tops of boxes www.aaa-storage.com.

Renting Self Storage Hudson FL is a simple process, but many people aren't sure what's involved in long-term storage of belongings after rental unit auctions. By following the tips above, you can make your next storage rental a successful one.