The practice of the ‘selfie’ has been a bit of a mini cultural revolution in the mobile industry. Where there lies opportunities, there lies innovators able to see new demand and implement new technologies and accessories. The idea of the selfie stick seems absurd, and just five or so years ago it would be an alien invention. But as the idea of the selfie takes hold, a selfie stick is actually oddly intuitive.

New Zealanders are using the selfie stick cool cell phone accessories pretty dominantly, and it is not uncommom to see it on the street. It is a natural extension, no pun intended, of this tech focused and self-obsessed culture of celebrity fashion and social media exploration.

The Smart Stick Gone Viral

Just consider that famous selfie with a number of celebrities, including Ellen Degeneres and Bradley Cooper, that became a viral sensation. Ever since, the selfie stick has become a complete gimmick to only kind of a gimmick, and people are actually using it on a practical level.

This was possibly the first indication that the selfie stick is part of the discussion of cool electronic gadgets. But aside from it being a relatively intuitive though generally unnecessary smart phone mobile accessory, people are praising its use in surprising ways.

How Does it Work?

The stick obviously compresses and slides into a smaller piece. Most people have a small carrying bag of some kind. A laptop bag works perfect. So the small piece is stored away, until it is clipped to the end of the mobile phone. It extends out. At the handle is a button that takes the photograph.

On a practical level, people are finding the stick quite useful if they have hand tremors. It also avoids the often unwelcome practice of asking a stranger on the street to get a photo.

The technology is advancing in a few ways. A feature could allow people to zoom in and out with a button on the handle. A screen could also be attached that displays what the phone is displaying so users can see how their picture looks live. These innovations and in progress depending on the future of the selfie stick. The big question is, will people really care on the long term? As far as cool gadgets to buy, the selfie stick may not be the coolest of the self portrait monopod but it can easily be with enough public interest. Even the greatest innovations started off a little peculiar.