In today's society, being eco-friendly and practicing conservation are highly sought-after traits. One of the best ways to impress potential clients or acquaintances is by giving the appearance of green living. While much of the world has gone digital and no longer uses many paper products on a regular basis, there are still some occasions where a physical item is necessary. For any type of greeting card, mailout or party need, everyone should consider using seed paper. Seed paper is helpful for the environment and a fun way to spread the word about conservation.

Why Choose Seed Paper for Your Next Event?

When you send out invitations to your invited guests on seeded paper from Bloomin, your event will immediately stand out to them as one of a kind. Seed paper gives off the impression of someone who is socially conscious and who cares about excess waste in the environment. With seed invitations, guests are able to enjoy the possibility of bright, attractive flowers or herbs in addition to attending the event. Planting the invitation card helps to build excitement for the event or help remember it fondly afterward. In some cases, a small plantable card is attached to the invitation, while some invitations can be planted as a whole. There are options for any type of wish or theme for seeded invitation cards.

Why is Seed Paper Better for the Environment Than Other Options?

Seed paper is made entirely of recycled paper, so it is helping to use waste that already exists. No new paper is created to make these cards. The paper is also fully biodegradable, so it will easily decompose once planted and will not add to landfill trash. In addition, only natural ink and seed paper cards dyes are used to make the paper, and no harmful chemicals are used at any point during manufacturing. The seeds are added during production, creating a fun and environmentally alternative to paper products for many occasions. The paper is even made in a specially created facility that uses solar power for energy rather than fossil fuels or commercial electricity. For these reasons and more, seeded paper is a better choice than any other type of printed cardstock; link here to find out more.

For any type of occasion that requires printed invitations or cards, choosing seeded paper products is a great choice. This paper is better for the environment and more engaging than other options, and it shows people that you truly care about keeping the Earth healthy. Bloomin Seed Paper comes in a variety of cards and other paper products to help with any sort of need.