Sections Dashboard

In the Sections dashboard, you can create and manage sections for specific topics and content within your site.

To access it, click Sections in the lefthand administration panel or type "YourDomain/core/dashboard/sections" in the URL bar:

Once you open the Sections dashboard, you can:

Add new sections:

Remove sections:

Update the section's status to either Public, Private, or Unlisted:

  • Public: The section is open to everyone who visits your site and shows up in your site's navigation menu.
  • Private: The section is only visible to administrators and will not show up in your site's navigation menu.
  • Unlisted: The section is only accessible by URL and will not show up in your site's navigation menu.

Reorder the sections as they would appear on your site using the drag-and-drop functionality:

Access Advanced Settings where you have the option to adjust the following in each section:

  • The section's meta title and description:

  • The section's URL slug, while keeping the section's name the same.

  • A link-out URL if you want a section to go to, for example, an online shop.

  • Content tags to automatically pull in any post with the same tag.

After making all of your changes, be sure to click Save.