The financial uncertainty in the United States over the last decade and a half has lead to many detrimental issues within the country. One of the worst financial problems people face today is being underbanked or un-banked. Did you know that nearly 8% of Americans don't have a savings or checking account?

The reason people don't have savings or checking accounts usually stems from past banking troubles or bad reports from Chexsystems. There are ways around this problem. If you are one of those Americans without access to a bank account, have a look at for help.

Second Chance Banking

A bank account is important for a few different reasons.

Most jobs now do direct deposits into a person's account. Many jobs have done away with paper checks.
A debit card comes in handy and is convenient while shopping.
Banks are easily the most safe and secure location for your money
The folks at secondchancebankingusa will have you up and running in no time with a new bank account. Just keep in mind that there will be a credit check and a ChexSystem. There are currently no non-ChexStysems banks operating within the United States.

You cannot do online applications for a second chance bank. All applications have to be done through the branch in person. If any fraud is detected, you will not qualify. If you owe money to any of your old banks, you will have to pay that off beforehand.

Even if you are unqualified for a savings or checking account right now, there is another option.

A Prepaid Debit Card

This option is recommended to those who have past fraud issues, or who currently owe money to their old bank. These cards can be either a permanent or temporary solution. There are many benefits to these prepaid cards

There is no monthly fee

You are not required to have a minimum balance

No SystemChex and no credit check

Your money is FDIC insured, the same as local banks

No overdraft fees if you go over your limit.

Free online bill payment and free direct deposit, the same as a checking account.

Can be used just about anywhere that accepts credit or debit cards

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn't dealt with financial issues in their lives. Everyone has been through them. This is why is here--to help every day people who are just trying to get back on their feet.