Moving to a new era typically involves seeking out a church home. Once upon a time, that usually meant finding the nearest congregation associated with a specific denomination. While that still remains a priority for some people, others are more willing to select a new church based on other factors. Here are some examples of what draws people to visit a church and ultimately decide to stay and participate.

A Welcoming Congregation

A key element in whether visitors come once or come back many more times is the demeanor of the congregation in general. When visitors are made to feel welcomed, it is easier to settle in and get to know people. By contrast, entering a sebring church and having no one speak to the visitor before or after the service will give the impression of being a closed community. Chances are the visitor will not be back.

Opportunities to Serve

While people do love the ability to come, listen, and learn, they also like the chance to be involved in the life of the congregation. The trick is to make opportunities available without loading anyone up with too many things to do. A church that offers changes to help with everything from envelope stuffing to donating the flowers for the chancel area one Sunday are much more likely to help people feel like a part of the community.

Quality and Diversity in Worship

Sebring Churches who find the balance between worship with enough familiar elements and still have room to try something different now and then are often healthy and vibrant. They are capable of tapping into the desire for something that is solid and familiar, while also providing the chance to participate in worship that is somewhat eclectic and not the same old thing from one Sunday to the next. Many churches find that including opportunities for lay led worship along with professional ministers is one way to find this happy medium.

For people new to the area, get out and visit a few different churches. Seek to find a place that provides chances to serve and be served. Being united in community will provide a sense of belonging that everyone needs.